A centrifuge is a machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents, typically to separate fluids of different densities (e.g. cream from milk) or liquids from solids.

Stanford engineers, including those of Indian-origin, have built an ultra-low cost human-powered centrifuge that separates blood components in just 1.5 minutes.

This enables treatment and diagnosis of HIV and tuberculosis. This centrifuge has been created by the use of paper, twine and plastic. It is also termed as a” paperfuge“. It can spin at the speeds of 125000 revolutions per minute and exert forces of 30,000 Gs.


Manu Prakash, an assistant professor of bioengineering said that” To the best of my knowledge, it is the fastest spinning machine driven by human power“.

This centrifuge separates blood components and makes pathogens easier to detect. This centrifuge has been inspired by spinning toys.



Deccan Herald

Image: – Labtestsonline.org



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