13th January 2017

Nokia stylised as NOKIA, is Finnish multinational communications and information technology company, founded in 1865. Nokia is headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2014, Nokia employed 61,656 people across 120 countries, did business in more than 150 countries and reported annual revenues of around €12.73 billion.

It is the world’s 274th-largest company measured by 2013 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500 and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. Nokia eventually entered into a pact with Microsoft in 2011 to exclusively use its Windows Phone platform on future smartphones. Its mobile phone business was eventually bought by Microsoft in an overall deal totaling $7.17 billion.Stephen Elop, Nokia’s former CEO, and several other executives joined the new Microsoft Mobile subsidiary of Microsoft as part of the deal, which was completed on 25 April 2014.

There are innumerable facts about this former tech giant. Today I will be showcasing a few of them:

  1. Nokia originally started off as a paper production company in 1865 in Finland.
  2. The infamous ringtone “Nokia tune” is actually based on a 19th-century guitar work named “Gran Vals” by a Spanish musician, Francisco Tárrega.
  3. Before moving their business into electronics in 1960, Nokia Company expanded to working with rubber, electricity, and cables.
  4. The world’s first commercial GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri, using a Nokia phone.
  5. According to the Fortune list 2006 survey, Nokia was the 20th most Admirable company in the World.
  6. The world’s first satellite call was made in 1994, using a Nokia GSM handset.
  7. Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumia smartphones in the second quarter of 2013.
  8. It sold about 126 million pieces of the most popular black & white model Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3330.
  9. Nokia manufactures about 210 million handsets each year which, if calculated, comes to 6.5 phones each second
  10. Nokia is currently the world’s largest digital camera manufacturer, as the sales of its camera-equipped mobile phones have exceeded those of any conventional camera manufacturer.


Few More:







Facts Of The Day 

13th January 2017

There are some facts which are insane and cannot be believed here are a few of them.

1.When Northern Leopard frog swallows their food, they blink. When they blink, their eyeballs than go down to their mouth and push the food down its throat.[Weird Reptile]


2. The most venomous sea snake called Hydrophis Belcheri is 100 x more venomous than the most venomous land snake, called the Inland Taipan.


3. In 1986, A beer-drinking goat named Clay Hillary III was elected as the mayor of a small village in Texas.[Lucky Goat]


4. This picture is made by a Russian artist. This is a picture of a smiling girl which can be seen only when your eyes are half closed.[Try it]


5.Turtles can breathe through their bums. This category of turtles is endangered species.


6. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would produce enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.[That’s insane amount of energy]

7. If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.[Beware!! You might explode]

8. Shakuntla Devi was given this title after she demonstrated the calculation of two 13 digit numbers: 7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779 which were picked at random. She answered correctly within 28 seconds.[I fail to multiply 2 digits]

9. Dead people can get goosebumbs.

10. The boomslang snake’s venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body.

15 Amazing Facts About Dreams you might not be knowing


11th January 2017

Dreams are termed as mystery, eye-opening and nightmares. Some dreams may inspire you, energize you and scare you. But you dream every day. Here are 15 mind- blowing facts about dreams you didn’t know.

Fact #1

There exists a culture of dreaming know as LUCID DREAMING:

Lucid dreaming is also known as conscious dreaming. Don’t worry I’ll explain to you what it is all about. The people who practice lucid dreaming use various techniques

The people who practice lucid dreaming use various techniques to assume control of your dreams. They do amazing things like flying, passing through walls, skydiving, teleporting, or even travel back in time.

Fact #2

These ideas were inspired by dreams.[You won’t believe]

  • The idea for Google[Yep you read it right] -Larry Page
  • The double helix spiral form of DNA -James Watson
  • The sewing machine -Elias Howe
  • Alternating current generator -Tesla
  • Periodic table[classification of elements]-Dimitri Mendeleyev

Fact #3

Even blind people dream.

Yep!!. Blind people to dream just like all natural dreamers. Their dreams are enhanced by other sensory perceptions.

Fact #4

Coloured Televisions have increased colored dreams.

Research shows that colored dreams have increased since the arrival of colored televisions. Before, 12% of the people had black and white dreams.

Fact #5

You don’t need to be awake to dream.[Day dreaming really exists.]

Sorry readers you expect it to be day dreaming right. No, This type of dreaming is called as active dreaming. All it needs is one thing and you have it. It is imagination.

Fact #6

90% of the dreams are negative.

A study shows that most of our dreams are negative comprising of anger, fear, anxiety. You are less likely to get positive dreams

Fact #7

Dreams are very short lived.

You might have experienced this. You are unable to remember your dreams most of the time. According to a study, most of the dreams are forgotten post 5 minutes of awakening.

Fact #8

Toddlers don’t dream.

Toddlers up to the age of 4 are unable to dream. This is because of the less development of the brain.

Fact #9

Women actually experience orgasms

Do you think that only men experience sexual feelings in their dreams? Then you are wrong. Even Women experience these feelings.

Fact #10

You experience more than one dream a night.

Yes, an average human experience more than one dream a night of various situations and intensities but you often remember the one you are mostly connected.

Fact #11

Faces that are around you matter too.

You might often recollect the faces of people who are around you. Even though these persons may in thousands but your dreams are related to only one incident.

Fact #12

Dreams are universal!!

Do you think that only humans dream? Then you are absolutely wrong. From you pet dog to all animals of mammal species dream.

Fact #13

6 years.

What 6 years?

Average human spends about 6 hours of his life dreaming.

Fact #14

Lack of dreaming(sleep) leads to Psychosis.

A lack of good sleep and dreaming leads to health disorders. It can cause irritation, hallucination. So relax and sleep well.

Fact #15

Who is responsible for dreaming.

The cortex cerebrum is responsible for causing dreams. It is the site of memory, consciousness and will-power.

Facts Of the Day

10th January 2017

Amazing Facts About animals

  1. The horned lizard shoots blood from its eyes when confronted by a predator.horned-lizard
  2. Dung beetles make use of the milky way galaxy to navigate.dung-bettle
  3. The is a kind of flightless parrot named kakapo.kakapo
  4. Male peacock spiders perform a peculiar dance to impress females.male-peacock-spider
  5. You can see through the glass frog.glass-frog
  6. The skipper caterpillar shoots its poop to great lengths to avoid getting detected by its predators.caterpillar

Mind – Blowing Facts


Believe these if you can!!

  1. There is a species of jellyfish that is immortal. (turritopsis nutricula).
  2.  If you could fold a piece of paper in half 50 times, its thickness will be 3/4 the distance from the Earth to the Sun (71 million miles).
  3. 1 sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. That means a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587GB in about 3 seconds.(That’s a lot of space!)
  4. There are ten times more bacteria cells in your body than there are human cells.
  5. Phineas P. Gage was able to survive an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head, destroying much of his brain’s left frontal lobe. And of all the possible outcomes, the accident changed his behavior and personality.

14 Unbelievable Facts about the human body.

The human body is very unique and scientists are yet to completely understand our body. Here are top 20 facts that are going to mesmerise you.

  1. Human Ear

    • Your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep. Your brain just ignores incoming sounds.
  2. Human Eye

    • Your eyes are always the same size from birth but your nose and ears never stop growing.
  3.  Sleep And Dreaming

    • Babies start dreaming even before they’re born.
  4. Human Teeth

    • The tooth is the only part of the human body that cannot heal and repair by its own.
  5. Human Brain

    • The Human brain is the most powerful computer which has the processing speed of 3000+ GHz
    • The brain stops growing at the age of 18
  6. Human Bones

    • Human bone is as strong as steel but 50 times lighter.
  7. Human Muscles

    • You use 200 muscles to take one step and exercise 22 muscles when you smile
  8. Baby Facts

    • By the time babies are two years old, they will have crawled 93 miles.
  9. Human Organs

    • The largest internal organ is the small intestine.
    • The liver is the only organ of the body, which regenerates itself completely even after being removed completely.
  10. Body Fat

    • Eating Breakfast helps to burn 5 to 20% of calories throughout the day.
  11. Human Hair

    • Human hair is virtually indestructible.
  12. Blood

    • In 24 hours, the blood in the body travels a total of 12,000 miles – that’s four times the width of North America.
    • Our blood is on a 60,000-mile journey per day.
  13. Blood Vessels

    • The total length of human blood vessels could circle the globe 2 1/2 times.
  14. Heart

    • Monday is the day of the week when the risk of heart attack is greatest.