What kinds of pens work in space?

An interesting question.

You might have heard that a ballpoint pen doesn’t work very well when upside down and hence it wouldn’t work in space.Now the question arises what type of pens work in space.

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If you are the thinking that a ball point pen won’t work in space, then you are utterly wrong! because a ball point pen won’t work upside down on the earth because of the gravitational force.

In space the ink will not fall back away from the nib because of obvious reasons(less or nil gravity). Surface tension will keep the ink together and flowing.

Astronaut using a mechanical pencil

Astronauts regularly use a Sharpie felt-tip permanent marker because it can be used to write on almost any surface, including plastic bags and fabric. Mechanical pencils are probably the second most used – primarily for jotting down numbers in procedure pads. But even regular ballpoint biro pens are used on-orbit.

Astronaut using a felt -tip pen.

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