Beware Students : Throw your laptops away because A pen is mightier than Keyboard.

As the technology is progressing, the laptops have become compact and easy to carry. With the development of advanced tablets and laptops the ideology of typing notes has increased which has led to the felling that writing the notes is considered as an old fashioned way.

But it turns out that there are more advantages taking notes the old fashioned way. Yes, I agree that typing is a lot faster and easier – which comes in handy when you have to jot down large pieces of information.

Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles sought to test how note-taking by hand or by computer affects learning.

Their research shows that laptops and tablets have a tendency to be distracting — it’s so easy to click over to Facebook in that dull lecture. And the study also shows that the slower you are in taking the notes the better it is for your understanding.

Mueller said that ” When people type their notes, they have this tendency to try to take verbatim notes and write down as much of the lecture as they can.” Mueller also added that ” The students who were taking longhand notes in our studies were forced to be more selective — because you can’t write as fast as you can type. And that extra processing of the material that they were doing benefited them”

So when students look back to their notes on their computer they are unable to process un necessary information whereas Students when they look back into their handwritten notes have precise and concise information.

The students who take handwritten notes out performed the students who took notes on their devices in all the three studies.

Do you support handwritten notes or typed notes? Let us know your preference in the comment section. 

Here is the detailed report:

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking

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12th January 2017

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Tip of the day:

10th January 2017

Overcome Negative Thoughts:-

Place a rubber band around your Wrist.




Whenever the negative thought comes to your mind, Snap that band as tougher as you can. The pain will be conditioned to your unconscious mind linking with the negative thought. Gradually, by linking physical pain factor with the negative thought on conditioning, our unconscious mind will be alerted and alarmed before stepping into a Negative move.


Tip Of the Day:

9th January 2017

Drink warm/room temperature water instead of cold/chilled.


Warm/room temperature water quenches your thirst less as compared to cold/chilled water. So, you tend to drink it more and more.

Our body has to spend more energy in getting cold water absorbed because, at first, our body has to heat/warm the water by spending energy and then it will be absorbed easily. While on the other hand, hot/warm/room temperature water will get easily absorbed in our body as no extra energy is required to be spent.