RATAN TATA- Man Of Courage.

Ratan Naval Tata, is an Indian businessman, investor, philanthropist and an interim chairman of the tata sons. He was born on 28 December 1937. He is the chairman of the Tata group, a Mumbai-based global business union from 1991 till and again from 24 October 2016 for an interim term. He continuous to be the head of its charitable trusts.He has also received two of the highest awards for an Indian citizen – Padma Vibhushan(2008) and Padma Bhushan(2000).

He is also an alumnus of the prestigious Cathedral and John Connon School, Bishop Cotton School(Shimla), Cornell University and The Harvard Business School.



  1. He doesn’t feel special or rich. He still travels in economy class.
  2. He owns a license for aviation.
  3. He rejected an excellent job offer from IBM and decided to work in India.
  4. He started working on the lower rungs and gradually climbed up the ladder until he became the chairman of Tata group in 1991.
  5. He took Tata automobiles to the global arena.(Yes Jaguar and Landrover).
  6. He has received innumerable awards from various global institutions.
  7. Ratan Tata is an extreme patriot.
  8. He owns a license for aviation.


  1. 24% of the internet traffic goes through Tata Cables!!.
  2. Large ships specifically build for this purpose are used to lay the underwater cables.
  3. TATA declined a huge project in an African country just because its effluents would pollute a lake which will threaten their endangered species.
  4. Tata brought up the British company Tetley Tea for 407 million dollars and then next to his Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008 after the GFC for 2.3 billion dollars.
  5. TATA is in every goddamn business. But you will never see them in Alcohol business, cigarette business and Entertainment business. Never.
  6. Sources say that Tata Sons have named Natarajan Chandrasekaran as their new chairman on Thursday(12 Jan).