1866– The Royal Aeronautical Society was founded in London

1822– Thomas Edison’s central station on Holborn Viaduct In london began operation

1904– Henry Ford set a new land speed record when reached 91.37 miles per hour.

1908– A wireless message was sent long- distance for the first time from the Eiffel Tower                in Paris

1986– Space shuttle Columbia blasted off with a crew that included the first HISPANIC- AMERICAN IN SPACE, DR FRANKLIN R CHANG-DIAZ

2005– NASA launched”Deep Impact”. The spacecraft was planned to impact on Comet Tempel 1 after a six-month, 268 million-mile journey.


On this Day

11th January

1913 “Mona Lisa 2” was recovered after two years. It was stolen from the Louvre Museum.

1931  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland and Newfoundland were given complete legislative independence by the Statute of Westminster.

1936  Edward VIII announces in a radio broadcast that he is going to step down from the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

1946  United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund(UNICEF) was established.